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Carramar Primary School
71 Houghton Drive, Carramar
Western Australia 6031
Phone: (08) 9405 0600
General Enquiries: Carramar.PS@education.wa.edu.au

School Policies

Parent & Visitor Code of Conduct
The Code of Conduct will be an enabler for parents to engage constructively and effectively
with their school, in the best interest of their child. Carramar PS welcomes and encourages parents and
carers to participate in the life of the school, as we value our partnerships and understand the importance
of a good working relationship to equip children with the necessary skills for adulthood.
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Homework Policy
Homework is set to:
• consolidate student learning
• develop time management skills
• develop study habits and independent learning
• provide opportunities for parents to communicate with their children and to monitor their progress
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Bullying Policy
To develop a culture where all students are treated with respect, feel safe and secure and are able to learn.
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Social Media Policy
To protect students from harassment and exposure to inappropriate comments and content delivered through social media, at school and  at home, by other students of Carramar Primary School.
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Complaint Policy
To ensure that complaints lodge are resolved in a prompt and efficient manner. To promote the highest standard of professionalism in dealing with our community.
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Good Standing Policy
Students with ’Good Standing’ are eligible to participate in extra curricula activities like incursions, excursions, class rewards and interschool sporting events. It is the responsibility of each student to maintain ‘Good Standing’.
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Student Mobile Phones in Public Schools Policy
The Department of Education does not permit student use of mobile phones in public schools unless for medical or teacher directed educational purpose.
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