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Carramar Primary School
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Term 4 Update

This term, slushies have been included on the canteen menu and have quickly become very popular. Unfortunately, this has resulted in significant congestion at the canteen, and some students have been disappointed as the product has ‘run out’. This has subsequently created some other issues. To assist in managing this popular item, some modifications to the ordering and purchasing processes at the canteen will be trialed.

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Maree James

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Quickcliq – Online Ordering

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As the operators of the Carramar Primary School Canteen we want to provide information to the school community regarding its operation. The Canteen, with the agreement of the School Board and P&C, is operated as a private business. We appreciate all orders that we receive and we do enjoy serving the students at Carramar.

For us to be able to operate effectively we have established the following practice regarding Lunch Orders:

  • All online orders must be placed before 8:45am.
  • If you have any problems with online ordering, please contact QUICKCLIQ directly as the online system is not administered by the canteen
  • Telephone orders and Facebook/Messenger orders will not be accepted
  • We are not able to accept any orders outside of these times.

Being a canteen operating on the school site, our agreement with the School Board and P&C requires us to provide food that meets the Canteen Association Standard and an affordable menu. Our menu and food options are approved by the P&C.

Many thanks for your understanding
Regards Jen and Sharon


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