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Carramar Primary School
71 Houghton Drive, Carramar
Western Australia 6031
Phone: (08) 9405 0600
General Enquiries: Carramar.PS@education.wa.edu.au

Carramar Pre Kindy Playgroup

The Carramar Pre Kindy Playgroup will be help on Friday mornings 9:00 – 11.00.  Families attending need to be financial members of Playgroup WA.  Parents attending are asked to provide a piece of fruit to share, a drink bottle containing water and a hat for their child. Families are also asked to contribute gold coin each session to assist in covering the cost of consumable materials. 

How will your children benefit from playgroup?

  • Playgroups are safe and nurturing environment where children can play and learn
  • Enhance healthy early brain development through play
  • Opportunities for children to create, invent, reason and problem solve
  • Opportunities to build attachment between adults and children as they play together, and share time and experiences
  • Learn social skills as they negotiate with peers, resolve conflict, take turns, share and make friends
  • Build resilience to enable them to cope with new situations and manage stress and adapt to change

How will families benefit from playgroup?

  • A space where families can create their own locally based friends and social networks
  • A place where parents and caregivers can support each other through sharing ideas, parenting experiences, concerns and information
  • Build family capacity through peer support
  • A place where families can build long-term friendships as their children grow and transition to school
  • An affordable and regular opportunities for families to enjoy a shared outing

For more information about the Carramar Playgroup contact the school on 94050600

The Carramar Playgroup is a member of Playgroups WA.  

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